Start the paper making business, earning up to 60 thousand per month

Keeping in mind the concerns associated with increased pollution and health, the demand for paperwork is increasing very rapidly in major cities. The consumption of paper cups is increasing from drinking tea to lassi and call drinks, there is a chance to earn 60 thousand rupees per month in the paper cup business. If you want to start this business too, it can be very beneficial to you.

What Is Paper Cup Making Business?

A special type of paper glass and cup making business is called Paper Cup Making Business, which is made of different size glasses. It is also increasing use of big parties and celebrations. This product is made of paper and can be easily displayed.

If you want to start this business on a small scale, its cost is around 1 to 1.5 million, which can be between 90 to 200 mL of glass and cup. For this work, small-to-large and automatic-semiotometric work can be started by a variety of machines according to your budget. A small machine prepares the same type of cup, while a large machine can prepare a cup of each cup and glass. With a machine of 1 to 2 lakh rupees, you can make a similar type of cup, if your budget is up to 10 to 12 lakh rupees then you can buy a glass of every size and a cup making a machine.

Essential goods to make paper cups

1 Paper Cup making machine- Starting from 5 lakh rupees
2 office equipment - 50 thousand

Where is the machine found?

     Paper cup making machines are available in cities including Delhi, Hyderabad, Agra, and Ahmedabad. This kind of mechanical engineering companies does their work. Apart from that, you can also contact the sellers of machines by visiting the India Market and Aliabadan website.


1 Paper Reel: Rs. 90 kg
2 Bottom Reel: Rs 78 / kg

How is the registration done?

If you want to sell paper cups at a small level in the market, you can start by installing small machines at home, but if you are thinking of trading at a large level, you will have to register registration or industry support under MSME business. You will also need a document with your brand's registration trade license, firm's current account, PAN card. After the registration of the industry, you can also take a mortgage loan for the Paper Cup manufacturing business. Under the currency mortgage, the government also provides subsidy on interest.

Your earnings

In most of the factory, an estimated 50 cups are prepared in one minute. According to the table given above, if your factory is working on 2 shifts per day for 26 days (4 days of Sunday disconnection), then 15,60,000 cups are prepared in the month. If you sell one cup in 30 paisa then your income will be estimated at Rs. 468,000, now if your total expenditure is waived at Rs. 4,08,964 then your fine profit reaches Rs. 59,036.

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