The world's first smart train, which will run on the road, not on the track

In a few years, India is going to come up with a hyper lip train, which will make it even faster than air travel. In the case of speed, it will be much more than the rest of the trains. But the neighboring country of China is ahead of it. Let's say, China's bullet train is quite a famous. Now China has created a train that will run without rail. Yes, you do not believe, you do not believe. But something new has always made the train running on the virtual track. China is very excited about this train.

This train is without pollution
Tell us, China is quite disturbed by the pollution, so the metro is absolutely accurate for them. In the year 2013, China Railway Corporation started designing this kind of train. This smart train is first being run in ZhuZhou province with a population of approximately 40 million. However, later this railway service can be started in many other cities too.

Special things related to train
* This train can travel 300 passengers at a time.
* The train will run at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour.
* This train has been made like bus and tram. It can take more passengers than the bus.
* Three coaches have been given in the train; passengers can travel from one coach to another in the smart train.
* Cost of one kilometer is 17 to 23 million euros.

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